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 01 / 08 / 2007

some recent events in my life have disturbed the way i used to live and see things lately - and as a side effect reminded me how utterly insignificant this place is right now.

with that, my plans for redesigning this site have changed too. actually i don't like the (really final) templates, i already had, anymore. this was going in a wrong direction, touching only the surface of things.

this place will sleep for some more time and will then be replaced by a provisional but living site, which might be the desired state in general...

 closed for reconstruction 
 03 / 01 / 2007

nothing happening here. at least that's what it seems like on first sight (and on second) - but in fact this site will be replaced by a new one pretty soon. that's why i'm no longer adding content to this old version of pb.attacksyour.net because it's hard enough for me to find time to get on with the new one.

why a new site anyway? because i like redesigning this place (and other places) from time to time. because it's time that this website complies to current webstandards and validates xhtml 1.0 strict. because i've actually already finished the design process and just have to start coding.

expect a new site here sometime in february. hopefully. maybe earlier.

this is going to take some more time, of course...

 15 / 10 / 2006

leaves falling, days getting shorter, light getting less - it's viennale time of the year.

today i saw a fantastic double projection of movies. the one i actually came for, the documentary kobe by rainer komers is a strange and amazing journey through the japanese harbour city, showing a lot of everyday scenes that probably are quite ordinary and uninteresting for people living there but seem like magic rituals to us - as would a lot of "our" daily affairs seem to japanese people i guess.
a strong movie about strange worlds and the beauty of detail. and i want to go to japan.

the other movie was kristall by christoph girardet and matthias müller - a found footage work composed of various scenes from movie classics where mirrors and glass play an important role. there are a lot of interesting aspects about this work, from the relation of the spectator's and the actor's view to gender aspects in the different representations of men and women looking into mirrors - but what hit me most was a certain sensual quality of the movie. there was a terrific soundtrack, composed only of glass harp music and sound pieces from broken glass and crystals that underlined the grainy visual structure of the movie. i was impressed.

maybe it's an uninspired association but i remembered the old shareware game crystal caves.

 ways to go 
 02 / 08 / 2006

wow - no entries here since may. this website is quite out of date.

and that's what i really mean.
recently i thought that it's about time to relaunch this site once again, i've been using it for almost two years now anyway. another process of simplification will hit this place soon, as i think it's the only way to assure further development and interestingness of these pages...

i'm currently collecting ideas for features for the new site - as i said, it will most likely be simplified, but maybe then i'll be able to update it on a regular basis.

different topic. today i discovered a nice tool at world66, a nice wiki travel guide by the way. it's called myworld66 and allows you to create maps highlighting the countries that you've already been to. take a look at my world and my europe. pretty sad, actually. i need to travel more...

 stormy sunday 
 09 / 05 / 2006

today i've been to the world's most beautiful outdoor swimming pool - vienna's stadion bad.

ok, actually i can't say that i'm that familiar with the world's outdoor pools... but i just love this one.
situated right in the middle of one of the big green lungs of this city, the stadion bad is just a couple of minutes away from the wurstelprater, vienna's original and traditional funfair which i'm also quite connected to...

you may want to review p04, a small photographical journey through the prater funfair i made in 2004 - in order to conserve the look of the place for myself. now, two years later, quite a few things already have changed and more changes are about to come...

there's a small kind of restaurant or whatever in about the center of the funfair (i've never entered it so far) which has an absolutely enchanting name to me... it's stormy sunday.

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