Screenshot taken from net art work "nomad - search engine road movies" by Philipp Brunner


The work nomad is an interactive net art installation.
To summarize, nomad composes abstract image worlds from Google search results in realtime.

The work deals with topics like the economics of attention in the internet and the role of search engines as autopoetic engines and blackboxes that constitute meaning.

nomad is a kind of autonomous, image collecting system, that combines its own rules and mechanisms with the ones of an internet search engine and therefore creates nearly unpredictable results and images with innumerable authorships.

The nomad engine begins its journey after a term has been entered.

It visits the top 100 google sites related to the given term, but its interest in those sites is different from the one of the search engine bots. Nomad collects background graphics, arrows, icons, lines and other such graphic elements.

It composes moving images out of these elements and inverts the search engine’s view.

nomad composes moving images from the collected material. It then produces titled abstract graphic image compositions from Google results – another name for the output could be “search engine road movies”.