Photo from Pieces of Berlin

pieces of berlin

Pieces of berlin is a photoblog by Florian Reischauer about Berlin and its people.

I especially like the fact that the artist works with an old medium format camera and expired films – it gives a very unique character to the pictures – one that fits Berlin quite well, I think…

The artist says…

“I love the different view and style of this old “crap”, especially in the digital era in which we are living in right now where tons of clean sharp pictures are taken and uploaded everywhere everyday. The moment which is kind of magic gets completely lost, especially when shooting portraits. I try to catch that very moment and only shoot one photo of each person I meet in the streets of Berlin. Some of the subjects are really happy about being asked for something like this and start to tell you their whole life story. It is my intention to show the everyday Berliner, and in doing so, the variety of the city.”

I’ll check back for the “dead places special” – number one is featuring Teufelsberg.

pieces of berlin