My image "Fusina" featured at Typemuseum

New Typemuseum

I’ve always been a fan of taking pictures of typography or signs on the go. It’s everywhere around us – beautiful, ugly, shiny and new or weathered and rotten. Actually it’s pretty impossible to go from one place to another without being adressed to by countless names and messages in varying tonalities.

Now, there’s a platform for those who share the same passion for typography found around us every day. In fact, the Typemuseum has been there for a while already, but it has just recently been revamped and the concept behind it has been updated as well.
The focus of the platform was shifted towards building a community and encouraging user participation. It’s now dead easy to share your own pictures with the ever growing community of type enthusiasts feeding a beautiful and extensive archive of everyday typography.

I’m lucky to work at dmcgroup, the company that built the website and keeps developing it as a non-commercial and prestige project for the typographic community. That’s why I’ve been able to take part in the platform’s relaunch and could also contribute some of my pictures, previously only featured on my Flickr stream.

Browse the archive and upload your own pictures at